Race Rules (ENGLISH)


ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO is organized by “Sanremo RUNNERS” Ultramarathon Team, with the supervision of the UMS GROUP.
Along with the running event the non-profit Keep on Going (KOG) ONLUS is the exclusive host of a fundraising event in support of TELETHON.
For further information please visit out website: www.ultramilanosanremo.it



ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO -UMS175- is the longest single stage -point to point- road race in Europe. The route connects the cities of Milan and SanRemo over the distance of 175 miles (280 km).
It crosses three Italian regions (Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria) and 6 provinces (Milan, Pavia, Alessandria, Genoa, Savona, Imperia), before reaching the finish line in the beautiful Italian Riviera.
A story that began in 1907, with the debut of Milano-Sanremo as a cycling race (at the time without the brow of Manie, Cipressa, Pompeiana & Poggio).
The First Edition of the ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO will be held on March 29th-30th, 2014.



ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO is an extreme event and we encourage only long-distance runners with experience to participate in the race.
Requirements for all Athletes:

a) must be at least 23yo at the date of the race (March 29th, 2014);

b) proof of at least 2 completed Ultramarathons in the last 4 (four) years with the following time/ distance:
MEN: “100 miles” in under 21hr20m OR 180km (112 miles) in a “24 hours” race;
WOMEN: “100 miles” in under 24hrs;
The Race Director is also available to evaluate other performances at similar events such as “Nove Colli”, “Spartathlon”, etc…

c) FOREIGN ATHLETES are required to fill out and present a “health declaration form” (MHD). Download available on our website (Annex 3).

d) must be able to cope on their own in the eventuality of difficult weather conditions: strong wind, cold temperatures, fog, snow, hail, rain.
Athletes must able to manage physical or psychological problems due to extreme fatigue, as well asgastrointestinal problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds, etc…

e) must fill out and sign a “liability waiver” available at the pre-race meeting, on Friday March 28th, 2014.

Any athlete who wishes to participate, despite having provided all the requirements, will only be officially admitted to the race at the discretion of the Race Director.



Any aspiring participant must fill out and sign the registration form, available online, attaching the necessary documentation (requirements listed above), and pay the entry fee.
The organization accepts no responsibility and each runner shall be responsible for himself as well as for his Support Group (Crew).
The first edition of the ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO will accept only 50 (fifty) total participants (men and women).
WILD CARD: The UMS GROUP reserves the right to personally Invite ad Host some athletes to the race.



Registrations open on November 1st, 2013 on our website:

Entry Fee:

from 11/01/2013 to 12/31/2013: 200EURO;
from 01/01/2014 to 03/03/2014: 250EURO;

Registrations will officially close on 03/03/2014.

The fee can be paid via by Bank (wire)Transfer to the order of

Sanremo Runners
Bank: BancoPosta SpA
Account Number: 000052954 211
IBAN: IT03 I076 0110 5000 0005 2954 211
causal: ”UMS175″

Sanremo Runners
Bank: Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Account Number: 000052954 211
IBAN: IT03 I076 0110 5000 0005 2954 211
causal: “UMS175″

For organizational reasons, we do not allow other forms of registration.
Each accepted entry will be confirmed by the Race Director and included in the “List of Participants” within a week.
The Full “List of Participants” will be published on the website by March 10th, 2014.
We do not offer any refund in case of cancellation or inability to participate to the event.
In the event that an athlete signs up and pays the registration fee but he/she does not meet the requirements listed above shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid (-30EURO for processing fees and transfer).
By signing the registration form Athletes declare to have read and approved the regulation in each of its parts, accepting to comply with the Race Rules and release the organizers from any responsibility.



All Athletes must have adequate clothing, as well as food and beverages they need throughout the event, up to 42 consecutive hours of racing. The recommended material should always be available on the support vehicle of their Crew.
For a full list of the recommended material please see (Annex 1) on our website.



“ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO -UMS175-”, measures 175 miles, equal to 280km. The full and definitive route will be announced at the Pre-Race Meeting. All major intersections will be marked with signs and ribbons.
The race starts in Assago (Milan) in Via Naviglio Pavese. then hits Pavia, Voghera, Tortona, through the province of Alessandria, Ovada and the Turchino Pass. Once the runners reach the province of Genoa, they’ll head west through Genova Voltri, Arenzano, the province of Savona, Varazze, along the coastal road through Finale Ligure, Albenga, Diano Marina, Imperia, San Lorenzo al Mare, Santo Stefano, Arma di Taggia and finally San Remo.
The complete road-book is available on our website.



We invite all participating athletes and Support Groups (Crew) to read (Annex 2) on our website in regards to weather conditions they might face during the race, especially through the Turchino Pass. Data acquired from official sources.



A race package pick-up is scheduled on Friday March 28th, 2014.
Time and Venue will be announced soon.
Also, a mandatory pre-race meeting will be held at the same location at 5:30pm. Support Groups (Crews) are invited and encouraged to attend.
Proof of ID is required at package pick-up. Athletes are also required to fill out a “liability waiver “. Weighing in of all participants and distribution of the Race Road Book will follow.
Each Athlete shall be responsible for himself and for his support crew.
DROP-BAGS – The use of Drop- Bags is optional. At the end of the pre-race meeting participant may deposit their “Drop-Bags ” (either containers or bags) containing any gear, food, drink, supplement, etc… that each participant wishes to deliver to a designated check-in station. Each Drop-Bags must show the name and bib number of the runner, as well as the number of the check-in station desired (1 to 5).
Drop- Bags must be sealed. We suggest not to leave any valuables in the bags. The Organization does not take any responsibility for items lost or damaged.
In case an Athlete is not able to attend the pre-race meeting he/she must notify the Race Director in advance in order to make alternative arrangements.



All Athletes must check-in at the starting line at least 30 minutes prior to Race START.
ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO Starts on Saturday March 29th, 2014 at 6am, in Via Naviglio Pavese (at the beginning of the Bicycle Track to Pavia), in Assago (Milan).



A Support Group or personalized assistance (Crew) is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.Each member of the Support Group (Crew ) and volunteers who participate in the event must complete and sign the “Race Crew & Volunteer Form” and a “Liability Waiver”.
Pacers are allowed after the 2nd (second) Check-in (100km into the race).
Only 1 (one) pacer at the time is allowed, except for the last mile before the finish line in Sanremo, when the Support Group (Crew) of each participant, is invited to cross the Finish-Line with their Runner.
All Support Vehicles must ALWAYS be parked, even for short periods of time, completely out of the road way. Crews must comply with all the rules of the event, but must also observe the laws of the road.
All members of the Support Group (Crew), as well as all Runners, are expected to know the Race Rules during the course of the race.
Any member of a Support Group (Crew) who has doubts or inquiries can contact the Race Director at any time.


5 (five) Check-points are available on the course (one every 50km) therefore each participant is strongly invited to be assisted and supplied by a Support Group (Crew) along the whole length of the race. Each participant and his/her Support Group (Crew) must organize supplies and all necessary equipment on their own.
SUPPORT GROUP -CREW- Eachparticipant and his crew may use a dedicated vehicle. Supplies “on the fly” and driving a vehicle at the runner speed is prohibited; any sort of assistance must be done off the road ways. Never slow to encourage, talk or hand supplies to any runner while in movement. The support vehicles (Crew) have to leap-frog their runner, anticipating his/her arrival at every stop they wish on the race route. The Support Vehicles must always be parked completely out of the road ways even for short stops. ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO Judges will patrol the course making sure all Support Groups comply with the Race Rules. Every participant or Crew violating a Rule will receive a warning from our Judges. Multiple warnings may lead to disqualification by the RD. During the race all runners must run on the left side of the streets, always AGAINST the flow of TRAFFIC. The streets will be open to regular vehicular traffic, so it is mandatory to respect all laws of the Road. Always look both ways before crossing the road and stay alert. Remember: All sort of supporting and supplying must be done at the left side of the runner and always within the white lines on the far edge of the road ways.
SUPPORT VEHICLE – The Support Group (Crew) is authorized to drive cars, SUVs, minivans or full-size vans. Campers/ RV and other types of larger vehicles can not be used as support vehicles. Also bicycles, motorcycles or any other means of two-wheeled transportation is prohibited. All Support Vehicles must show the name and race number of their participant keeping it visible on all four sides of the vehicle at all times. At the pre-race meeting every Runner must check-in with our judges to confirm his/her support vehicle providing license plate, make, model and color of the vehicle. All drivers of the Support Vehicles must be in possession of a valid driving license.



Runners must proceed under their own power and ability, without any sort of physical or mechanical assistance, under penalty of disqualification.
The bib# number must be worn on the front side of the body, and be visible at all times during the race.
Reflective Gear is mandatory between 7pm Saturday 03/29 and 07am Sunday 03/30, and again between 7pm Sunday till midnight (Finish Line). Both Runners and Pacers must wear reflective clothing, as well as a head lamp/ LED lights facing front and rear.
Please remember to keep the bib# number visible at all times even at night.
In case of unforeseen circumstances- such as road works, potentially dangerous patches of roads, adverse weather conditions, etc… parts of the course may be modified for safety reasons and its check-in stations could be moved to a different location.
Other: Cell phones and walkie-talkies are allowed; these should be used mainly for logistical purposes and emergencies.
Headphones/ Music device can become a potential security hazard; we discourage the use of such equipment, but it will not be prohibited.
At all Medical Check-In the Medical Staff has the right to stop a runner if necessary. Their judgment cannot be argued. A runner will be allowed to proceed or asked to take a break until his/hers physical and mental state is considered adequate to move on.
Runners take part in the race entirely under their own responsibility and must be aware of the fact that medical care is not available at all times and not guaranteed in all Check-In Stations.



ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO organization will provide five (5)
Check-In Stations that work as check-points with food, drinks and general runners supplies.
All Runners are required to Check-In at all Official Stations during the race.
Each Check-In Station is set approx. 50 km apart from one another and will be stocked with runners food, water, coke, snacks, dried fruits etc. available for all runners.
In addition, Drop-Bags will be available at all Stations with all the material that every runner has previously prepared.

LOCATION – DISTANCE – Opening Time from the Start – Average Speed expected

Montebello B. (PV) – 51.8km – 6hrs 8,633Km/h

Basaluzzo (AL) – 100km – 12hrs 8,333Km/h

Arenzano (GE) – 160km – 22:45hrs 7,072Km/h

Finale Ligure ( SV) – 210km – 30:30hrs 6,917Km/h

Laigueglia ( IM) – 240,5km – 35hrs 6,842Km/h

SAN REMO FINISH LINE 280km – 42hrs 6,809Km/h
If a runner decides to abandon the race, his/her abandonment shall be immediately communicated by the participant or by a member of his/her Support Group (Crew) to a Check-In Station or directly to the Race Director.
THE 100 MILES GRAN PRIX: Check-In N.3 in Arenzano (GE), 160km into the race, is an intermediate finish line and each participant who regularly crosses this Station enters in the ranking of the 100MILES GRAND PRIX.
FINISH LINE: The Finish line is in Sanremo, after 280km (175miles) non-stop. Upon arrival in Sanremo a “continuous” pasta party will be available to all finishers.


Art. 15 TIMING

The race will use electronic timing chip or other digital method. Further details will be provided soon.


Final Results will be published on the website www.ultramilanosanremo.it
The 100MILE GRAND PRIX Results will also be published and the 1st runner to cross Arenzano (GE) Check-Point N.3 will receive a special award.
Further Information will be announced at the pre-race meeting.



Doping Control may be provided at the intermediate station of Arenzano (100Miles) as well as at the Finish Line in Sanremo. A participant who refuses to submit to a doping control or who has tested positive will be automatically disqualified and must return any eventual awards.



Any and all complains should be made in writing, addressed to the Race Director. A deposit of 100Euros (non refundable) is required to process your complaint.



Sponsored Athletes are allowed to show logos of their sponsors only on clothing and on the equipment used during the race. The exposure of different sort of advertisement both at the Finish Line, along the way or during the awards ceremony must be previously discussed with the Organization.



The Organization reserves the right to use images, video and sound taken during the race. By participating in the race, athletes, volunteers, support crews, waive the right to any and all claims regarding such content.


All jounalists, photographers, tv troupes, radios, delegations or groups involved in the event must check in with the Organization for all rights of image at: info@ultramilanosanremo.it


Civil Responsibility: The Organization underwrites a Civil Responsibility Insurance for the duration of the Race.
Athlete’s Insurance: The Organization underwrites an insurance for all Athletes. (UISP according to CONI Regulations)


The organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. It is also entitled to change the course and the location of the check-in stations if necessary.
In case of unfavorable weather conditions the Starting time may be changed.
All official communications will be published on our website: www.ultramilanosanremo.it


Art. 24 AWARDS

All Finishers will be rewarded with a “Finisher Medal”.
All male participants who arrive at the finish line in less than 32hrs and all female participants who arrive at the finish line in less than 37hrs will also receive the ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO Belt Buckle.
Also, the first runner that crosses Check-point N.3 will be awarded the 100MILES GRAN PRIX of Arenzano prize.



The participants declare to know and accept in full and comply with the Rules of ULTRAMILANO-SANREMO. The participants also understand they must present a valid medical certificate in order to participate in the UltraMilano-Sanremo according to the DM 18/05/1982 and 28/02/1983.
The participants exempt, under full personal responsibility (Article 2 of Law 01.04.78 n15 as amended by art3 paragraph 10 of Law 15/5/57 n127) the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for damage to either persons or property derived from him. Participants and their Crews are required to always respect the Laws of the Road.
The organization is not liable for any accidents of any nature to either athletes, third parties or things before, during and after the event.



All Athletes who register to the race, having taken note of the information provided according to art.13 Legislative Decree n.196/2003 and subsequent amendments (“Code regarding the protection of personal data”, commonly known as the “Privacy Act” ) give consent to the processing and disclosure of their personal information (racing related) for publications and other purposes related to the event itself.




Art. 27 ANNEX

The following links are part of the Rules and Regulations:

- Annex 1 – Recommended EQUIPMENT and MATERIAL;


- Annex 3 - ”Health Declaration Form” (MHD);

- ROADBOOK 2014;